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Welcome to Go Be Magical! This is our new program launching from our parent company Give with Chandra Photography & More to focus strictly on Women Entrepreneurs & Artists! If you would like to help support a new Artist or Entrepreneur with a free laptop or Incorporation fees please consider donating! Don't forget to check out our previous grantees and our other wonderful services from our parent company! Go Be Magical is a 501c3 Organization


Donate today towards the Gold Star Package  which includes funding towards rent, office space security deposit & 1st month rent along with incorporation fees & branding! 

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Donate today towards the Blue Star Package that provides funding for LLC/ Non profit incorporation fees & Branding

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Donate today towards the Pink Star Package that provides free laptop & accessories for newly Artists/Entrepreneurs 

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Go Be Magical is a non-profit program for women to become “Magical”!

 This program offers women who wish to become entrepreneurs/artists a chance to have a head-start towards their goals. Go Be Magical is a program that will help fund incorporation fees for newly entrepreneurs/artist. Fund 1st month and security deposit for office space/studio for women entrepreneurs/artists depending on funds availability. Supply office tools to help women entrepreneurs to be successful in their magical journeys such as a laptop, printer, branding material and office supplies. 

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  Go Be Magical is a new nonprofit that launched from Give with Chandra Photography Inc where we provide “pay what you can “photography to help fund monthly giveaways such as laptops and small business grants to newly entrepreneurs. We also provide food and winter essentials to the homeless through our mobile homeless free store across the Twin Cities. Go Be Magical is branching off to focus more on creating entrepreneurship for women from all different walks of life. This program wants to help manifest dreams into realities.

We believe given the right opportunities people can be highly creative and focused on what they want. Go Be Magical wants to help women create their dreams into realities. By showing them different opportunities that they can see and believe once financial situations are met!

Our number one question is always to the women that we begin to help will be “what would you do if all your needs were met?” Depending on their answer Go Be Magical will begin to try to help them achieve their goals! 

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Donate Today!

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Sy'Esha Hudson New Entrepreneur & Business Owner of


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