Go Be Magical!

Services we offer

Funding for Incorporation Process

Funding for Branding your New Company

Funding for new office space/studio for new Artist/Entrepreneurs

Office Supplies such as Laptops/printers/Accessories 

If you all your needs were met what would you do? 

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Go Be Magical Packages includes!

Gold Star-Funding towards rent, funding for studio/office space & Branding Candidate must already have LLC or Nonprofit Incorporated

Blue Star- Funding towards incorporations fees, and Branding

Pink Star- New Laptop & Accessories!

Go Be Magical  most Recent Grantee for Funding an Candidate LLC Incorporation Fees to help this Grantee Sy'Esha H become Magical!

This program has been launched over from our parent company Give with Chandra Photography Inc to Go Be Magical! These are some of our previous Laptop & Accessories winners!

Give with Chandra & Go Be Magical Previous Grantees 

Minnesota PopUp Shop 2020 Aug 2020

Robin Rockin Rentals Sept 2020

Shay Cosey July 2020

Aura Angel Accessories June 2020

Miami Hustle July 2020