Go Be Magical!

Services we offer

Funding for Incorporation Process

Funding for Branding your New Company

Funding for new office space/studio for new Artist/Entrepreneurs

Office Supplies such as Laptops/printers/Accessories 

If you all your needs were met what would you do? 

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Go Be Magical Packages includes!

Gold Star-Funding towards rent, funding for studio/office space & Branding Candidate must already have LLC or Nonprofit Incorporated

Blue Star- Funding towards incorporations fees, and Branding

Pink Star- New Laptop & Accessories!

Go Be Magical Helped Sponsor an Artist spot for the Chicago Pop Up Shop 2020

Go Be Magical  most Recent Grantee for Funding an Candidate LLC Incorporation Fees to help this Grantee Sy'Esha H become Magical!

This program has been launched over from our parent company Give with Chandra Photography Inc to Go Be Magical! These are some of our previous Laptop & Accessories winners!

Give with Chandra & Go Be Magical Previous Grantees 

Minnesota PopUp Shop 2020 Aug 2020

Robin Rockin Rentals Sept 2020

Shay Cosey July 2020

Aura Angel Accessories June 2020

Miami Hustle July 2020